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My Therapy Approaches

I currently work with adults ages 18 years old and up. I am especially focused on working with people who seek emotional support bringing their authentic self into fruition. Often these concerns occur in congruence with special concerns related to neurodivergence. I use a combination of therapy approaches to assist with identifying and healing wounds of the past and gaining power in the present.

I offer art therapy and integrated therapy to people living in Philadelphia and the greater Philadelphia area. Integrated therapy is the use of a variety of therapy techniques customized to fit the needs of the individual. I have received training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), psychodynamic therapy, and art therapy.

Art therapy is the use of the art process to explore and manage difficult experiences while healing. Art therapy offers the opportunity to experience healing in a simultaneously safe and deeply emotional way. Painful memories and feelings can be explored creatively. Art therapy can be an especially effective therapy for those who struggle with verbal communication or experience disconnection between their internal sense of self and current lived experiences.

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